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        Welcome to Aihua shower!




        Aihua plumbing creates fashion trends

        Inherit innovative product technology and face value

        Quality is the root of existence.Harsh quality helps brand marketing.

        • Aihua plumbing for taps and bathroom accessories for more than 20 years.
        • Aihua plumbing products to ensure that the qualified rate of factory
          products is 100%.
        • Authoritative inspection report and multiple patent authentication;

        25 yearsof industry experience30designers100staffs


        Strength is trust protection.Strengthen production and deliver goods on time and on time.

        • 5000 square meters production workshop, multiple production lines;
        • The introduction of advanced equipment and professional production
          team of faucet manufacturers
        • Strong production capacity, fast supply;

        30thousandannual output98%Product qualification rate5000㎡Factory base


        Service is cooperative guarantee.Urgent customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction

        • Pre sale: free consultation, professional purchasing staff to help
          understand the demand products.
        • Sale: tracking sales and making tap water customized services to meet demand.
        • After sale: large-scale storage, storage, professional logistics,
          transportation, and all directions to ensure delivery speed.
        Contact us 86-757-28301740
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